Register on the Verified Network and all your transactions are securely signed and recorded  immutably on blockchain.


Pay in fiat or crypto currency to your account. Get digital cash in a currency of choice that you can hold in institutional custody.


Use digital cash to make zero cost peer to peer  local and cross border payments in any currency of choice.


Make higher yield investments originated across borders, and hold funds in stable  currencies to avoid depreciation.


Connect your Verified Network account to a debit card to make payments at retail points of sale.


Issue and invest in tokenized securities backed by underlying assets that are assessed and monitored continously.


Distribute and Trade investments on a decentralized exchange and gain from liquidity in private assets. 


The Verified Network is a global, decentralized network of consumers, businesses and financial institutions connected together by smart contracts running on a blockchain with thousands of nodes. Smart contracts that are immutable, autonomic software deployed on the Verified Network manage payments, credit assessment and issuing of digital securities, trading and exchange directly between users. Users can connect to the Verified Network using mobile and web applications created by Verified and independent providers.    


Businesses can register and set up accounts on the Verified Network, add funds, make inexpensive cross border payments, and issue tokenized securities to raise capital. The Verified Network provides tools to use business data to do credit scoring that is automated and continuous, and where credit scoring input data is private but also immutable. 


Individual users can set up accounts on the Verified Network, add crypto or fiat funds, get an issue of stable digital cash, use digital cash for payments and buying investment products, and trade them with other users. The simplest use case is using the MetaMask ethereum wallet to obtain Via digital cash in a currency of choice and using it to make payments, buy and issue higher yield bonds.  


Institutional investors, asset managers, regulated non bank lenders, and money transfer and payment institutions can set up accounts on the Verified Network. They can raise and invest capital in tokenized alternative investment products, where asset quality is assessed with immutable business data and can be monitored continuously. Private investments are tradeable on a decentralized exchange for liquidity.

Verified AG is the licensed platform administrator of the Verified Network. The Verified Network is a fully decentralized, blockchain based financial infrastructure. Verified AG has no access to any user data or assets on the Verified Network. All user data and assets are network resident and can only be retrieved by users using applications distributed by Verified AG and independent third parties developing applications on the Verified Network.


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