The Verified Network is a decentralized, blockchain powered platform connecting private investors, businesses and asset managers.

The Verified Network can be accessed  through applications that connect to it. 

The Verified digital financial infrastructure is complemented with suitably regulated companies that keep the platform regulation compliant.

Businesses on the Verified Network are assessed for credit worthiness, and can issue regulation compliant tokenized securities to investors. 

Private investors on the Verified Network get access to a global pool of private assets that they can invest in, and trade with other investors.

Asset managers on the Verified Network can access the pool of credit rated private assets, as well as access private investment capital.

Businesses, investors, and asset managers get access to payments, credit assessment, trading and portfolio management tools. 

The Verified Network

The Verified Network is a global, decentralized network of investors, businesses and financial institutions. They transact directly with each other through smart contracts running on a blockchain with thousands of nodes. 


There are three ways to access the Verified Network

  • through existing applications integrated using the Verified Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • through digital payment wallets such as Ethereum wallets

  • through applications on the platform   


Verified SDK

The Verified Software Development Kit (SDK) is an publicly available set of libraries that let existing applications for lending, payments, investments and more connect to smart contracts on the Verified Network. The SDK authenticates users, administers KYC and AML rules, and then let them access features of the Verified platform through applications they use. 


Digital wallets

Users can access some features on the Verified Network such as peer to peer payments using digital cash tokens, and investments in tokenized securities using wallets such as Metamask and Uniswap. 


In such cases, users can interact with the Verified Network using addresses or ENS (ethereum naming service) entities representing digital cash and securities. 


Verified Applications

Applications distributed by Verified are natively built on the Verified Network. They provide separate interfaces for private investors, businesses, and asset managers including private equity and debt funds, securitization companies, and non bank lenders.


Verified applications let business clients raise capital and make payments, retail clients make payments and investments and trade them, and asset managers raise and invest capital and trade investments. 

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