Setting up a new Verified account is easy. Individual and business account holders need to submit standard identification documents and accounts are set up in less than a minute. Accounts are wallets on the Verified Network that can hold digital cash and security tokens.

Verified Wallet.png


Collateralizing digital assets to issue bonds and borrow money is one way to raise capital. Business account holders can also issue digital securities such as shares and bonds and raise capital from investors on the Verified Network. Businesses seeking to raise capital by issuing tokenized securities are required to go through assessment using credit scoring tools on the Verified Network and comply with local issuing regulations.

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Verified accounts are multi-currency wallets. Account holders can pay in fiat or crypto currencies such as ether and request issue or exchange of digital cash tokens in any of the ten supported currencies. Digital cash tokens can be used to make peer to peer payments, card payments (upcoming) and fiat withdrawals. 



Investors on the Verified Network can be retail, professional and qualified investors. Tokenized investment products targeting any investor segment are available for them to invest in. Investors can also trade private investments directly with other investors. The Verified decentralized exchange supports market, limit, stop loss orders, and settles trades in digital cash tokens that can be withdrawn in supported fiat currencies.  

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