Offer alternative investments and make markets

Securities brokerages can now offer alternative investment products to clients. Clients get access to tokenized investment products issued by asset managers and local businesses and across borders. All products issued on the Verified Network comply with jurisdictional regulations. Assets underlying investment products issued by businesses and asset managers are assessed and can be monitored directly by investors. To connect your order management systems to the Verified Network and to create a revenue stream by offering and trading alternative products, please get in touch with us.   

Issuers and Asset managers

Raise and Manage capital

Asset managers, be it fund managers or non bank lenders, can now issue alternative investment products on the Verified Network and directly reach investors. A variety of investment products such as bonds, fund units and certificates are supported. Products can be asset backed securities such as loan or mortgage backed securities, or they can be issued to execute investment strategies such as for funds. All tokenized products issued on the Verified Network are assessed and monitored and have to comply with regulations. To know more about issuing and distributing products, please get in touch with us.

Payment service providers

Expand product offering

Payment acquirers such as money transfer service providers, and payment gateway providers to merchant businesses can expand their product offerings by connecting to the Verified Network. Offering digital cash based peer to peer payment transfers that cost less to retail clients, and offering business clients that currently use merchant payment products to leverage their payments data to raise capital are possibilities. To know more about how to integrate to the Verified Network, please get in touch with us