The payments contracts on the Verified Network issue digital cash tokens called Via cash tokens in multiple currencies to users who pay in fiat and crypto currencies. Issues of Via cash tokens are treated as sell of payment tokens by the system. User applications that connect to the Verified Network may offer the option to hold issued Via cash tokens in institutional (bank) custody. 

Verified AG also plans to offer debit cards connected to user accounts on the Verified Network. This will allow account holders to use virtual cards to make payments at point of sale, peer to peer and across borders. Verified AG will perform KYC/AML checks, provision cards and offer customer service for card payments.

Verified AG is the licensed platform administrator of the Verified Network. The Verified Network is a fully decentralized, blockchain based financial infrastructure. Verified AG has no access to any user data or assets on the Verified Network. All user data and assets are network resident and can only be retrieved by users using applications distributed by Verified AG and independent third parties developing applications on the Verified Network.

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