Trading and Liquidity

The trading and exchange contracts on the Verified Network allow investors and brokerages to connect to the decentralized exchange on the Verified Network using a standard order management system interface. Creating liquidity pools by market makers, quotes and execution of different types of orders are supported. This does not require any intervention of Verified AG at all.

Verified AG will however integrate the Verified Network to multiple centralized exchanges so that trades originated on the Verified Network can be settled in multiple crypto and OTC exchanges and bring the benefit of additional liquidity to users. Verified AG is also in process of listing the Via cash tokens on multiple crypto exchanges.

Verified AG is the licensed platform administrator of the Verified Network. The Verified Network is a fully decentralized, blockchain based financial infrastructure. Verified AG has no access to any user data or assets on the Verified Network. All user data and assets are network resident and can only be retrieved by users using applications distributed by Verified AG and independent third parties developing applications on the Verified Network.

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